every child deserves free access to arts education

Take the Stage media takes a progressive approach to formal learning by teaching the
core curriculum kinesthetically through singing, dancing, acting and drawing. 

With this arts-integrated approach, students retain information at a higher rate
because they have a muscle memory connection in addition to a cognitive connection.

This model of teaching is beneficial for all types of learners.  Some students will remember information
through song, some will remember through drawing and some will remember through dance. 

The arts are a powerful teaching tool.

THe Research

Take the Stage was piloted in five elementary schools in Houston
by Allison Caplovitz, Ph.D. (formally of Blues Clues) with a team of researchers
from the University of Houston.  The study results showed academic improvement
in all English and Spanish classrooms for grades K-5.

Carol-Lynn Parente (former Executive Producer of Sesame Street) edits Take the Stage scripts,
assists with casting & directing, and provides notes during post-production.

The Team

Dan J. Gordon, Creator of Take the Stage
Kathy Starr, General Manager of Gordon Education
Carol-Lynn Parente, Executive Producer of Take the Stage
Don Geraci, Executive Producer of Houston Public Media
Lance Menster, Director of Curriculum & Development at HISD
 Gladys Gutierrez-Barba, Bil/ESL Teacher Development Specialist at HISD


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Take the Stage is funded by grants and people like you.

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Take the Stage is produced by the 501(c)3 non-profit, Gordon Education Initiatives for the Performing Arts.
Board of Directors: Krista Calaway, Dan Gordon, Victor Kendall, Juliet McBride

Take the Stage is Generously Supported by:
The Brown Foundation of Houston, Inc., The Houston Endowment,
Texas Commission on the Arts, The Baxter Trust, Greggory & Patrick Burk,
Wu Family, Arthur & Philamena Baird, James & Krista Calaway, Victor Kendall, Chuck Still,
Penelope Warga, Juliet McBride, Georgia McBride, Andrew Gordon